Monday, July 26, 2010

Rio Naturista and Diet Centers Grand Opening!

RIO NATURISTA and Diet Centers "Campana De Mejor Salud" Launches Health Fair to fight the obesity problem plaguing Latino Community.

Los Angeles, Ca. USA, July 19, 2010 / - Rio Naturista and Diet Centers ( will provide the surrounding communities a FREE individual health analysis and high quality health supplements. Rio Naturista also offers weekly bilingual self-help health classes at all locations. "Campana de Mejor Salud" promises a new era in alternative health education for those in our communities.

"We are kicking off our first Health Fair "Campana de Mejor Salud" on July 29th 2010 at our newest location in the high desert of Southern California," said a spokeman for IPMM. We will provide resources and media publicity for all our new licensee store owners who join us and want to help their communities find better health through education and world class supplements.

"We are excited about providing the community this free event. Information about the products such as homeopathic and herbal products will be available." staff stated. "Opening the first of many Rio Naturista Health and Diet Centers in southern California allows everyone, especially the Spanish Speaking Community, information tailored to them."

“We expect this event will help educate many in the community suffering the most from obesity, poor health and other issues. Certified alternative health practiioners and supplement experts will be on hand to suggest helpful vitamins and chinese herbs which might improve quality of life. One of Rio's Fitness Experts will also be on hand to teach some simple excercise techniques that can be done from home.” added staffers.

This family and friends of all ages event has no cost to attend. Free samples of Rio Naturistas retail product offerings will be available. Childrens Supplements will also be available for purchase. Advanced skin care treatment products will also be available. The ladies can enjoy a free facial on the spot! Personal care and many other items will be offered in store or online. Free English and Spanish DVD's will be available for free to help families learn more about their brilliant body!

“We are excited to bring leading vitamin supplements and herbal products into these communities. Research has shown us the supplement industry is growing in double digits even through the recession. The spanish speaking emerging market of the USA is the fastest growing consumer of these products. However, the industry has generally failed to serve this large niche market. These consumers demand product education and personal attention. Rio Naturista was born of nine months of this intensive market research.

In addition, the event will be hosting a Fitness Model Search for "Miss Rio Naturista". Female talent interested in trying out must attend the event and fill out an entry form. Also several of Rio Naturista's Girls will be making an appearance and signing posters.

The event will kick off at 4 pm with ribbon cutting around 5pm. City officials and supplier representatives will also be on hand for this historic event. Information will also be available for those interested in representing the products! And we are aggresively looking for new store owners who want to be part of this new retail concept. "Why spend over $100,000.00 to open a Max Muscle or GNC when you can have a non-franchise owner-operated retail establishment with even greater residual income potential for 80% less initial money!" stated senior management of IPMM. The retail supplement chain concept was established after 9 months of research into the supplement industry by IPMM.

Full coverage of the event will be available to view at Rio Naturista TV.

If you would like to attend this grand opening or would like further information on our business opportunity please visit:

About Rio Naturista and Diet Centers (Stores):
Independent Non-Franchise Licensed retail membership stores featuring world class supplements and herbal products, skin care, childrens vitamins and more. Rio provides Free Educational classes on improving health for the whole family. Serving the bilingual Spanish communities of the USA.

About IP MicroMedia LLC
IP MicroMedia, based in Southern California owns markets and licenses the brand name "Rio Naturista and Diet Centers" (SM) and operates et. al.. Other properties include Quinceanera Photo/Video and IPMM develops web properties, syndicates event content, manages social media publicity and provides AV services for clients on-site. More at

Friday, June 20, 2008 launches Model Shoot Expo at MV Studios in Southern California, USA

Model Vanity Expo is a series of photo shoot workshops with select photographers to help new and established model talent develop a unique portfolio of images at no cost. This private event offers talent multiple settings and safe surroundings.

RIVERSIDE, Ca. USA, June 19, 2008 / -- IP MicroMedia LLC web property (website in development) and Model Vanity Studios today announced a partnership to launch a first of a kind “Model Vanity Expo”. The partnership promises new and established models the chance to work with multiple, selected photographers in the presence of sponsors who may select talent for upcoming projects.

"We are excited about providing all established and new models this great opportunity to showcase their talent and realize their modeling potential," founder Oscar Toscano stated. "Opening our private studio in Riverside, Ca. to this unique casting and offering talent and select photographers a chance to work under our expertise in a nationally known studio lot is great experience and networking opportunity."

“We are using this event as a proving ground for our model shoot expo concept. New and existing talent can come and pose in more diverse surroundings then any “Mansion” or “lot” with talented photographers. There is a four thousand square foot, two story studio building, outdoor water gardens and unique structures and several auto and custom bike props to choose from. All models (glamour, fashion, fetish, bikini, import, Gothic, non-nude) are encouraged to attend this event. We are also providing skilled makeup and hair dressers. Ladies should bring several wardrobe changes to show off all the looks they posses.” added Oscar Toscano.

In addition, several sponsors will be on hand to review talent for potential future modeling opportunities. Authorized media and Spanish television stations will also be on hand to cover this event. Models will receive limited edition Model Vanity Clothing as well. The event concludes with a dinner sponsored by at 5pm. After party to follow.

All the talent attending this event will be featured on our site with the best images on display from all participating photographers. Online visitors can learn more about the models and cast their vote for their favorite girl at ModelVanity.NET.

“We have experienced a huge response since we announced this event from talent throughout the area. Over 150 candidates requested to attend this event from every ethnic type, but we are limiting attendance to 30 girls this time, “commented Oscar. “We are still reserving two more spots for one male and one female model that would like to attend.”

The event will kick off at 9 am. with a workshop for all photographers attending. “Using Adobe Lightroom in your digital work flow” will teach basic meta data techniques. A small discussion on ways to earn money from photography will conclude the mini workshop. Presentation is sponsored by Photographers attending are invited to bring reflectors, strobes, or any gear to make the most of our 6 hour event!

Well equipped photographers who wish to attend can register at:

About IP MicroMedia LLC
IP MicroMedia, based in Southern California (with contributors in Mexico City, Miami, San Antonio and Las Vegas), owns (MV), a site currently in development. IPMM develops web properties, syndicates event content, and provides AV services for clients on-site. Web 2.0 brands include,,,,,, Onmoney.NET,, and more. More at

Ip Micromedia Llc Featured Launches Model Shoot Expo At MV St...
June, 2008 @

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Friday, March 21, 2008

L.A.M.B to the slaughter!

Liverpool's Andriy Voronin and his wife Yulia stepped out on Thursday looking................... well let's just say, we know it's a jungle out there but damn!!

The Soccer striker Andriy seems oblivious to the fact that his wife was about to pounce.

A word to the wise Yulia, just because it's L.A.M.B and you can afford it, doesn't mean you should wear it, you look like road kill.

Less is more people, less is more.

Stripped Spice!

Spice girl Mel B, aka Melanie Brown was snapped, looking hooker-luscious on Thursday, in Hollywood.

Mel's looking good, however after spotting the money hanging out of her pants, we feel that the Spice girls can't pay that well.

Spears Basement!

Looks like once fallen pop princess Britney Spears, is back on the road to recovery well and truly.

It seems Britney is focused and is going to open her own dance studio.

A source close to Brit Brit said:

"It will be right near Millennium, her favorite dance studio in the Valley,"

"And she plans to call it The Basement."

So happy for you Brit Brit, Now just stay away from ferret faced arse faces, and maybe find yourself a nice chap.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mucca Tuckered Out!

Ah! the battle rages on for the ever so demure Lady Mucca, aka Heather Mills.

After this mornings battle in the courts, Heather was still spitting feathers even after winning nearly 25 millions pounds,(not to mention the child maintenance school and nanny fees)We guess when you were after 125 million pounds, its a smack in the chops with a windy kipper.

Heather is now going to appeal and re-entering the wild arena of the law courts, although she states this appeal is to keep court documents private.

Heather stated that it costs 17 thousand pounds for her and daughter Beatrice to travel first class, and that perhaps Beatrice will have to travel B class now (17 grand!?!? how about you both travel B class Heather, and give the money to charity? nah! didn't think so)

Heather will be sending in an assistant to raise the appeal with the courts tomorrow morning, we can't wait!

I wonder if Sir Pauls at home sipping on a cold tall glass of the old Rats milk, ya think?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Strike a pose......

A behind the scenes look of our favorite Spicer,the ever eccentric Victoria Beckham's Vogue shoot!

Tres chic!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wanted Assassin!

Sexy actress Angelina Jolie' latest movie Wanted, also starring James McAvoy, and the always truly magnificent Morgan Freeman (It's all in the voice)

Here's a little peep at it people, we defo want to see this.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Emme and Max!

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have named their beautiful new twins Emme and Max!

The twins were born at a Long Island hospital on February 22, Emme weighed 5lbs 7oz who was born 15 minutes before her younger brother Max who weighed in at 6lbs.

We're so happy for you, oh! and Jen please stop with the fur wearing, show your compassionate side, now your a mommy.

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