Monday, December 31, 2007

Secret Santa!

Actress Halle Berry, still Carry's terrible memory's, of the day she found out father Christmas was sheer fabrication!

"The day I saw my mother eating Santa's cookies on the plate was one of the most horrific of my life.

"I never let her forget it. I had at least three more good years that I could have believed, had she not been so careless."

He's real Halle! BELIEVE!

Dr Finnigan?

Ex British day time T.V star Judy Finnigan has totally slated Heather Mills, estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney!

Finnigan, who feels Heather has Borderline Personality Disorder said:

"I think Heather's a textbook case... it is quite a serious condition, characterised by paranoia, fantasy and delusions."

"I'll tell you who else suffered from that - Princess Diana. When Heather compared herself to Diana, I think there was some truth in it, though not in the way she meant. I think she really needs help."

Judy stop trying to get your name in the press, and leave Diana ALONE!!!

Diana absolutely did not have BPD, you fool. Looks like your the one with ideas of grandeur/delusions, get back to the yo-yo diet.

Spears Fears!

According to The People Singer Britney Spears is angered at the fact her 16 year old sister Jamie-Lynn is pregnant!

A source reported :

Brit told a friend

"I'm really disappointed in her, I told her over and over just to be a kid and let the adult things like sex and drinking and all that wait."

"I warned this girl, I really did, I've done some pretty dumb stuff and haven't been a good role model."
(well..........O.K the shaved head, wasn't your best move, nor was flashing your beaver to anyone in the near vicinity, but we can forgive you Brit!)

The saying you can't lock the stable door, after the horse has bolted springs to mind!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spin Spin Sugar!

B2K artist Raz B, Yesterday accused Chris Stokes and Marques Houston, (who were once B2K's managers) of forcing the members of the group to have sex with them, and others, including orgies involving agents.

However there has now been a turn-about face as Raz B, aka Demario Thorton, is now denying that these events ever! took place.....(hmmm, Someone get to him?)

How do you revoke something that you said on tape??

He seems awfully sincere in the first tape, and the second tape.....well, you decide.

Chris Stokes released this statement:

"The accusations that Demario "Raz B" Thorton and Ricardo Thorton have made are vehemently false and hold no merit. I have recently stopped financially supporting both individuals along with assisting them with their criminal and legal matters which leads me to believe they are resentful and looking to benefit financially from this."

Well, if this is true mud sticks sorry to say.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tight Ass Spice, Not so Nice!

Spice girl Melanie Brown/Mel B, will now also be known as tight ass spice, aka scrooge!

Mel B charged the make a wish foundation, a charity for terminally ill children, 10 thousand pounds to appear and sing a few tunes at Selfridges in London.

An insider at the store fumed:

"All Mel B did was sing a couple of Christmas songs, sign autographs and mingle with the crowd collecting donations in a plastic bucket.

"And for that she pocketed £10,000 that should have gone to needy kids.

"Many people felt she should have waived her fee. It's the least she could have done to help raise cash for the kids."

However according to the News of the world, she refused outright to wave the fee, (Bah humbug!)

Obviously for Mel she feels she needs the money more than the dying children, (How to win friends and influence people? You may be out in the cold before you think Mel, with actions like that)

High Lo-bido!

Lindsay Lohans on/off BF has been telling anyone that Will listen of his escapades with the fallen actress....

Lindsay apparently has swapped drug addiction for sex addiction.

In an interview with the News of the world, According to Riley Giles :

"Lindsay's definitely a nymphomaniac. She's wild in bed. We'd have sex a couple of times in the day and then go to it through the night.

"We once did it four times in a row straight. That was crazy. Lindsay was insatiable. She'd demand sex again and again. We'd go at it for hours. She'd have worn out most guys."

The couple met while in rehab, and they just connected (Like Velcro?)

He went on:

"When you orgasm, your endorphins shoot up and it becomes a massive natural high. If you have an addictive personality like Lindsay you need that to replace the highs you got from taking drugs all the time. Sex became a key part of her recovery."

(Thanks for the sex education Riley, we didn't know that, terribly informative, lol)

"And we didn't get out of bed for days. It was the perfect place—roaring fires with amazing views over the Sundance ski resort."
(Did you shower? ewww stinky)

"The first time we had sex I couldn't believe I was looking down at Lindsay Lohan naked. We'd barely gotten through the door when we just ripped each other's clothes off."

"Lindsay is so hot. She has a great body. Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round."

Well lindsay no publicity is bad publicity right? and you sound like a great shag!

Commando Stone!

Hmmm Now is it just me, or does Hot A-lister Actress Sharon Stone, look like she has turned commando?

I'm not sure if it's just a bad picture, perhaps she just has crap on her face?

However maybe, just maybe it's a tactical assault on the photogs, what do you think?

Her little boy Roan is pretty damn cute though!

Totally Stuffed!

Poor Amy Winehouse is in for even more strife this holiday season! it seems hubby Blake fielder-Civil has tested positive for Heroin, again!!!!

Looks like the prison service feel that Amy, has been supplying her hubby with the drugs (Shocker? NOT!) It was quite obviously hidden in her barnet (Hair)
When Amy visits Blake, they now have to be separated by glass, although I don't think this will stop the drugs getting though, as I'm sure that hair has super-powers...

Using the force Amy?

Monday, December 24, 2007


Troubled, yet extremely talented singer Amy Winehouse, has been the center of a kidnapping plot in England.

It seem the underworld in London's Pentonville Prison, were trying to extort 200 grand out of Amy hubby Blake Fielder-Civil, (Ohhhh maybe they think that figure would suit Blake as it's the same reported amount that he tried to pay off the witness with)

A source told the News of the world:

"Blake's petrified. He's living in fear for Amy's life and his own. At first he thought the guys in here were just trying their luck but the threats have got really bad. He's now under no illusions and convinced they'll go through with what they say."

"They've ordered Blake to pay the 100 grand ($200,000) into a secret bank account within the next few days or else... and Amy will be snatched and harmed. She's at her weakest right now, and what with her wandering the streets in the dead of night she's at a massive risk."

I gotta tell you, we are very concerned if these reports are true!

Violated Bird!

Wild actress Michelle Rodriguez, will be having her Christmas bird inside this year!

Michelle was ordered to spend 180 days in the Penn, after violating her probation.

Well Michelle your a tough broad, we think you can do this time stood on your pretty head, although is there now a lesson learnt? (Nah!!!!)

Jamie throws it up!

Here we have exclusive footage of Britney Spears sister Jamie Lynn speaking out!!!

It's rather funny people.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Witches of the Red (Dead) Carpet!

OK, So how many dead animals does it take to make Mary J Blige, and Patti LaBelle look like complete twats?

Well we gotta tell you, we are not a hundred percent sure, however one thing is for sure copious animals were butchered and killed, just so these two muppets could pretend they looked good.

Mary J.Blige has been seen sporting more and more fur of late! It's a retarded way of trying to show people your a success.

When it comes to fashion Mary, U SUCK!!!! Patti, we have lost any respect we had for you.

Breast Assured?

T.V's mr nasty Simon Cowell cuts a fine figure while out with his girlfriend Terry........He's looking like there may have been some work done, Perhaps some peck implants?

We love you really Simon, we don't think your mean, just honest and to the point.

Klum Back Lumberjack!

While out skiing Super Duper Model, Heidi Klum, stops off for a spot of shopping, (Cos you always needs more jewels while you ski)

Although I'm thinking Heidi resembles more tree surgeon, than skier! I can just see her now chainsaw in hand, and roley(Cigarette) in her's a wonderful vision.

Truth or Dare?

Football super star Tony Parker, is getting litigious on X17 ass!.......

TMZ gained access to a lawsuit filed by Parker, over X17 publishing reports that he cheated on his wife, diminutive actress Eva Longoria, only a brief period after the couple were wed.

TMZ reports :

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Parker alleges X17 defamed him, claiming, "X17 had to know that the story was false, or at the very least, it had to have entertained serious doubts about the credibility of its supposed source."

X17 published stories that French model Alexandra Paressant had "an affair with Mr. Eva Longoria and that the two carried on a secret relationship for about two months."

The San Antonio Spur seems particularly pissed that X17 never sought to "verify the information with Mr. Parker, Ms. Longoria, any of their representatives or....anyone else who might have knowledge of the truth or falsity of the allegations."

The suit states, "Tony Parker has never had sexual relations with a woman named Alexandra Paressant."
(Well even if he had, he's not going to admit it is he?)

The lawsuit is into the tune of twenty million dollars (ooh I feel like Dr Evil)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Outta my Head!

This is the new Ashlee (I've not had a nose job!) Simpson video.

It seems to have a Cyndi Lauper feel..........What do you think?

Baby-Lynn Spears!

Britney Spears, 16 year old!!!! sister Jamie-Lynn spears is pregnant!!!

The story was broke all the way back in July 28th by the National Enquirer!, however Nickelodeon's lawyers became litigious, saying it was all fabrication.....Oops!

The following letter was leaked by a source at the National Enquirer........Enjoy!

"Ms. Spears is a devout Christian with a spotless reputation, who lives in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards in accordance with her faith."

"There is no 'rumor' concerning Ms. Spears’ (non-existent) pregnancy, except perhaps for the baseless 'rumor' just now being created by the National Enquirer."

"Ms. Spears is not pregnant. It is pathetic for the National Enquirer to attempt to create a wholly baseless 'rumor' that Ms. Spears is pregnant, so it can run a malicious story and false story which would be emotionally devastating to a morally upright 16 year old girl."

Well looks like someone has egg on their face!!!!

And although Jamie-Lynn's people are spinning that she is 3 months pregnant, TMZ reports she is 5!!!, so the enquirer was bang on.

Monday, December 17, 2007

This is how we Roll!

Prince Harry's on/off girlfriend Chelsy Davy, resembled more a low-class larger lout! rather than a sultry beauty, connected to a prince of England. (Seen smoking a roll up no-less, must be saving her pennies)

Chelsy is spending a little time in South Africa, before heading home to Leeds, back into the arms of Prince Harry.

I wonder how his grandmother the Queen of England, will feel about the candid snap shots? (Either way it's nice to see they are back together)

The Dog-Father, kicks it With Beckham

Football superstar/sex god David Beckham, made a guest appearance on non other than, the Dog-father himself, Mr Snoop Dogg's show, "Fatherhood."

Both men posses amazing talent's, however one thing Snoop serves up in abundance, is his sense of humour.... Although David certainly does not lack one.

When he isn't falling over, he's trying to catch Beckham out, with his dancing, Breakin, and Kart-wheels!!!! (He scored an amazing goal, only..... David was stood at the side of the post, with his legs folded)

Everyone should have a dogg!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Liquid Gold?

Ex Jail Bird/Socialite/get-your-hands-off-my-man, Paris Hilton has launched her very own Champagne! in a can no-less, (yes that's correct in a can!)

It's name Rich Prosecco, Ah! I can see it now, local wino's perusing the streets with their can of Paris (Rich Prosecco).

Can (Excuse the pun) Paris take over the world? is she really...... Einstein! come back from the dead? was that..... a flying pig that just flew over?

Seeking the Truth!

Yes, there is a god after all ladies! Celebrities are not aliens from the planet beauty, nor do they drop out of bed looking like a goddess, (Remind your partner of that next time they feel the urge to drool over a celeb)

Here is the proof:

Actress Renee Zellweger

Actress Lisa Kudrow

Actress Charlize Theron

Actress Cameron Diaz

You see we all need a tweak or two........ or three! There is a god, and his name is Max Factor!.

Rear Entry?

Now, we all love the extreme eccentric that is Victoria Beckham, who is currently on tour with the Spice girls.

However, we had to show you this picture of Victoria, in a real fashion faux par, (I know that's not often for Vicky B) we just hope that they aren't arse-less chaps!

Maybe Victoria was John Wayne in a former life?

Bouncing Back!

Here is Brit Brit's full version of her new video "Piece of me", we are ecstatic to see the pop princess, getting back on track! well of sorts.

Also thank goodness for some decent hair foliage, gone are the days of the cheap-o wig (Phew) it wasn't a good look Brit.

Word on the vine is Osama Lufti proposed to Britney! We do hope it is little more than Chinese whispers.

A Shot in the Eye?

Social networking site Myspace, enigma Tila Tequila, the self professed Bi-sexual, (and get that right people, as Tila becomes rather perturbed when referred to as straight!) has her own show on MTV "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila."

Men and women are pitted against each other to win the heart, of the petite myspace pin-up.

In this episode, you can see just how grotesque the whole show is! unless of course, you like the voyeuristic nature of watching two lesbians cat fight over a woman they hardly know. (OK silly question)

Enjoy peeps.

Friday, December 14, 2007

French Tartlet!

Actress Eva Longoria and her Super Duper B Ballin hubby Tony Parker, are firing back amidst allegations that Tony had an affair with a French Model, Alexandra Paressant ! (Sacrebleu!!!!)

However the Parkers, claim that the french harlett has tried this on before, and is a gold-digger (No class low down slapper if you ask me!)
In a statement to TMZ Eva's spokesperson said:

"These allegations are completely, 100% false and untrue. All high profile couples fall victim to these sorts of things in the course of their relationships. It appears that this is not the first time this woman has used an athlete to gain public notoriety." Eva says, "Tony has been nothing short of the perfect husband." As for Tony, he says, "I love my wife. She's the best thing in my life, and I have never been happier."

Football superstar Ronaldinho, has also felt the claws of the french tartlet! she accused Ronaldinho of partying before world cup matches. (Go get your own man, and learn to keep your mouth tightly zipped, another publicity whore?)

Piece of Brit's Video!

Ridiculously confused? pop princess Britney Spears has finished the much coveted "Piece of me" video. (Phew...I know what your thinking)

The video looks far more polished like previous productions by the troubled singer(Actually I'm still not sure if she is troubled, or just board with it all)

Here is a little clip, for the full video visit on the 14th December 2007. (We are all still rooting for you Brit!)

2008 Prediction: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

IN a word, the Romance will end... By the end of the year...2008 - Just though you should know here FIRST...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Loco Coco!

Rapper Ice-T seen here with his buxom wife Coco, out on the tiles Tuesday night, on their way to a premiere after-party at Hiro.

Now I know Coco is not really that used to wearing clothes, But are these trousers really necessary? I'm not sure what is going on with them. I feel confused!

And well, Ice-T as much as we love him, looks like a delivery driver, unless that's his side line?.

Coco you better cover up the girls, you'll have someones eye out!

Battle of the Ex's!

Whoops! naughty Singer Pete Doherty has been paid 50 thousand pounds for a tell all about Ex lover supermodel Kate Moss.

ITV 2 will air the interview and Pete is even going to hand over private footage of the two.
A source said:

"He wants to talk about his life with her and has promised it will be a no holds-barred chat."

"Producers are hoping he'll let them use a lot of film he and Kate shot on camcorders."

"Some of it is really raunchy stuff Kate believed would never be seen by anyone else. She'll be furious and feel massively betrayed."

"There could be a big legal battle over it."

Well, if it's anything like previous footage we have seen of the two, there could be Pete shooting up and Kate shoveling snow?


According to the, Away with the fairies Britney Spears was unable to attend court on Wednesday morning due to illness! A court-ordered deposition non the less.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Feds lawyer said:

"I was told of a general medical condition, and Spears felt she couldn't attend,"
(perhaps Brit is allergic to court, ya just don't know)

On October 26Th 2007 Kaplan complained that Spears had evaded a deposition four times over the course of a year. (I am sensing he is not a happy chappie).

Well boys it looks like you could be in for a rough ride! hold on to your pants.

Jessica Wabbit/Warren!

Actress Jessica Alba is pregnant people! Jessica and boyfriend Cash Warren,(We don't know who he is either, so it's OK to feel confused) are expecting the little bundle of joy in the Spring Time/Early Summer.

Good luck Jessica and Cash!

I just hope she isn't pulling a Britney.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Get Your Hands Off My Man!

If reports are true, the man eating socialite that is Paris Hilton, is wanting her Ex boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos back!

The NY Post reports that on Wednesday evening at Club Mansion, Paris spat her dummy out well and truly with Caroline Vreeland an ex of Brandon Davis.

A source told the post:

"Paris beelined for Stavros, but he was chatting up Caroline," He was completely ignoring Paris, and she was furious. She shot them evil looks and finally stormed up to them and started screaming at Caroline."
(Hang fire missy! a touch of the P.M.S?)

Then Thursday night Paris went ballistic again!

"Paris saw that Stavros was with a girl at Mokai, and she went crazy."

"She literally stood on Stavros’ table and began screaming at him."

"Then she started dancing and trying to get his attention."
(I'm sure there was a pole somewhere)

"Paris went to great lengths trying to get Stavros’ date kicked out, begging club security to get rid of the girl."

"Paris was so furious, she ended up walking up to the girl and just punched her."
(I can't imagine Paris punching someone, she is hardly fighting material is she?, now slapping them with a salty kipper yes! but a punch, hell noooooooooo.

Hilton’s rep denies her client hit anyone but acknowledged she was at those clubs.

You don't want to be fighting Paris, you already have form! and it will be off to the state Penn with you once more.

Red Bull Gives You Wings!

Sultry Singer Fergie formally of the Black Eyed Peas, has certainly been drinking her Red Bull.

Fergie's performance of "Live and Let Die" was fabulous! however, we did at one stage think that there could possibly be another Micheal Jackson moment, with the pyrotechnics.

Although we were aghast when Fergie took off! like a politician with his ass on fire, we are assuming that she had far to many red bull's before the performance, she was flying faster that a Boeing 747. (I actually think in the back the lads controlling her cable were having a laugh, and decided to see if they could swing her into the wall, just to see if she'd bounce, naughty boys!)

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Oh dear! it's just another day in the play park for the girls of tinsel town!

Confused singer Britney Spears, according to the Daily Mail, has threatened to post footage of Paris Hilton in a compromising sexual encounter with a pal of Brit Brit's, a lesbian encounter, non the less.

A letter sent to Virginal/socialite Paris Hilton said, that if Paris continues being rude to people, the footage will be leaked online. (This is Paris Hilton your are threatening! the world has already seen her, Down, down, in china town! copious amounts of time, and she leaked her own tape, you'll be doing her a favour, if you want to scare Paris, tell her your taking her credit cards away)

A close source to Hilton said:

"It's obvious Britney and her bratty pals are being silly. Paris laughed when she got the letter and said it was crap,".

I can see a new book about to be published, entitled "How to win friends and influence people" by Britney Spears! ya think?

Mischa Barfton!

No, No, No!

Beautiful Actress Mischa Barton, well and truly got it all so very wrong. (where are the fashion police when you need them?)

Even her diminutive pooch tried to tell her the boots were not working! And as Mischa didn't listen to the words of wisdom the pooch had no choice but to walk at arms length!

Miu Better Believe it!

Actress Kirsten Dunst, star of the Spider man movies is announced as the new face of fashion house Miu Miu a faction of Prada by Miuccia Prada.

She follows in the footsteps of Previous Spokespersons for Miu Miu, Kim Basinger, and Linday Lohan.

Miu Miu is set to branch out in the US next year. Stores are planned for New York and L.A, (You can never have to much of a good thing)

What a Shambles!

Talented however troubled rocker Pete Doherty, front man of Babyshambles, was punched in the face at the Sun Inn, Marlborough, Wilts.

According to the mirror, an alleged drug dealer said:

"You should get your gear from me." (Well no one likes competition, do they!)

Then punched Pete and he fell to the ground, the chap was reported to be atleast 6.2 (Not a bully at all then!)

An onlooker said:

"It was horrible. Pete was really shaken up and upset." (Well sure he was, he spilled his drink)

Police said:

"We are investigating."

Pete's label Parlophone Records confirmed he was punched on Sunday by a stranger but denied there was an argument over drugs.

Hatton VS Mayweather!

Tonight Undefeated lightweight boxer Ricky "The hitman" Hatton, will throw down with America's Floyd Mayweather, also undefeated, at MGM Grand in Vegas.

Hatton is without doubt a genius when it comes to his fighting style, quick on his feet, tremendous speed and agility, and menacing from the on-set.

It would seem that Hatton has another great in his corner, non other than "Iron Mike Tyson".
Mike said:

"I want Hatton to win,I like his style. I like his attitude."

"I'm not the same with Mayweather. I don't like the flash stuff. I don't like the way he acts with the money and the arrogance.

"It's going to be tough for Hatton to win but it would be good for the sport if it had someone like him right at the top."
(I'm not sure it will be as tough as you think Mike! not from the footage I just reviewed, Hatton is on top of his game, but we shall see)

Hatton comes from the street like Tyson, so maybe he See's himself in him.

Ricky said:

"Winning this fight would be like winning the World Cup."

"Somebody's bottle is going to go and mark my words, it isn't going to be mine. I'm going to take that clown's belts away from him.

"I know I'm going to beat him. I can feel it. I think he's nervous and rattled. He doesn't know he's about to face his worst nightmare."

A momentous fight I'm sure you will agree.

Tonight the two elite fighters go toe to toe,who's your money on?

Thursday, December 6, 2007


The queen of eccentricities Victoria Beckham (We just love her) is gracing Elle Magazine in the nifty little braces of the season.

Here are some snippets from the interview,

Posh on being an outcast in school

"They were literally picking things up out of the puddles and throwing them at me. And I just stood there, on my own. No one was with me. I didn’t have any friends. People would push me around, say they were going to beat me up after school, chase me. It was miserable, my whole schooling, miserable. I tried to be friends with people, but I didn’t fit in. So I kept myself to myself."

Posh on 2008

"Someone told me I’m going to feature big this year with the drag queens. I’m so camp! I’m such a gay man trying to get out. I don’t give a s— what anybody thinks."

She is completely off her trolley! and so not like what is reported in the media, she has a wicked sense of humour.

Usher Her Out!

Multi talented Singer Usher, is having to listen to another of his wife's rants!

Tameka Foster told Essence Magazine:

"We (black women) don't like ourselves. If I were Hispanic, Usher would have the sexiest wife alive. If I were mixed, he'd have the sexiest wife alive. "But he has a black girl, and it's like, 'She's horrible and she's ugly!' OK, maybe I don't fit the cookie-cutter standard - 25 and a size two - but this is who he loves."

No, No, No, Tameka it is nothing to do with colour why people don't like YOU! you, being the operative word here, it's because you spout dribble like this, that people don't like you.

Beauti-FUR-l Eva!

Actress Eva Mendes is the latest in a long line of sizzling Hollywood beauty's, to go naked for animals rights group PETA.

Eva looks positively smoking, in this pic, and Eva the animals aka family members, salute you!

This is a snippet of Eva's interview

How did you come to get involved with helping animals? Did you have any animal companions growing up?

I love animals, but I hadn't had a pet since I was a kid. I recently got a dog and he's not only made me a happier girl—he's made me much more sympathetic to animal rights. I look at my beautiful dog and think, "Of course I'd never eat him or skin him for his fur, so why would I be okay with eating a cow or wearing a cheetah?" It's just not right. It's a contradiction.

Do you have any animals? Can you tell us about them?

I recently got the most beautiful dog in the world! He's the sweetest thing ever. He's fully trained and all his commands are in French. Too cute! So I'm learning French and he's learning Spanish!

As a fashion icon in Hollywood, do you find that people put pressure on you to wear fur on the red carpet? If so, how do you handle that?

A lot of the high-end designers are unfortunately still big on fur, but I simply let them know that I won't wear it on the red carpet or for photo shoots. People are pretty respectful and don't try to pressure me to wear fur

It Wasn't me!

Rapper Akon, (and serial attacker during performances, sorry I mean alleged attacker) has now been charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and second degree harassment.

Akon allegedly threw a teenage fan off the stage during a performance at Kfest in New York back in June. (There is no alleged about it! watch the video, trust me it wasn't telekinesis)

On Monday, he pleaded not guilty to the charges, and his lawyer issued a statement saying the singer "deeply regrets" the incident. (Sure he does, but it's a step up from rubbing himself on underage girls).

Hmm how can you deeply regret something, if your 'NOT' guilty? Somebody hand Akon a dictionary.

Oh! I feel a song coming on, perhaps he is just misunderstood? and even though all three incidents were caught on camera, it wasn't him at all, just an alter ego.

Dragging her Down?

Actress Kiera knightley seen here "bracing" herself, on the front cover of Interview Magazine, for the new trend? (Although we have seen it copious times before).

Only, can somebody please explain to me why such a beautiful young woman, is looking more like a drag queen in this pic?

Just asking!.

Superstar DJ's Here we go!

French superstar DJ David Guetta, has been offered a part in US hit T.V show CSI-Miami.

Everything he touches seems to turn to gold, for the talented multi-million selling producer, recording artist and promoter.

David said:

"I just came back from Coachella," he says, of LA’s revered rock festival. "It was huge! I saw an article in 'America’s biggest national paper' USA Today that said the highlights of the festival were Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against The Machine… and David Guetta. That’s crazy! I was really impressed."

(I know! what a grounded guy right?)

Davids new track is entitled "Baby When The Light" is set to be another huge success. (A clubbers delight)

(I'm still banging it out! ha ha I figured you would love that Oscar!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Troubled singer Britney Spears has made another big mistake! her new BFF is a shady dude.

Brit's new friend Osama Lufti, or Osama N. Lutti or Osama N Lufti, (yup that's right he likes to change him name, nothing wrong with that is there, but why the small variation?)

A source, a close friend of Brit's parents, told Us Magazine:

"They are frightened,"

"They know she is being taken advantage of."

They have due cause to be frightened, if reports are true. Osama has two restraining orders against him, for violent physical and verbal attacks.

In a 2005 complaint, Jumana Issa, a business acquaintance, claims Lutfi "harassed me repeatedly with obscene emails, offensive faxes, telephone voice mails (around 1 a.m. to 3 a.m.), out-of-control behavior and outrageous telephone hang-ups (around 15 to 30 a day)." In one fax, Lutfi scolded: "Peel yourself away from all the candy … and overhangin [sic] belly … and answer my emails."

His former neighbor, Douglas Snoland, filed a similar complaint in 2004, alleging that Lutfi tried to kick down his front door when he suspected Snoland of having his car towed. Snoland also accused Lutfi of wanting to kill his 73-year-old disabled mother. In the complaint, Snoland accused Lutfi of saying: “I will beat your ass … Your mother is a f—–g old hag. You are a f—-t. You will regret the day you ever met me." Lutfi’s attorney denied the threats, but a judge granted a three-year restraining order to Lutfi to stay at least 15 feet away from Snoland and his mom.

He has even moved into Brit's homes with her!

Oh Brit! get out girl, get out while you can.


This is what is known as Karma! Actress Sylvia Miles looks like a prise twat! in this dead animal coat and hat.

You look completely ridiculous Sylvia, Leave the real fur to the animals people, it's where it belongs.

The only reason these retards wear fur is because they feel it shows their wealth, when in true fact, all it shows is a blatant disregard for anything other than themselves.

Oh My Lord, It's Tom Ford!

The fashion God! that is Tom Ford is a gigantic fan of UK singer Jamelia.

Tom told the mirror:

"Being from New Mexico I'm particularly fond of Mexican and Latin American music, but I need Jamelia to rev me up."

A wonderful compliment coming from such a gifted designer, I wonder if Jamelia will get any freebie's?

Pimp C, Dies at 33!

Rapper Pimp C, aka Chad Butler, was found dead Tuesday morning in his hotel room at the Mondrian Hotel, California.

Spokesperson for the Los Angeles county coroner's office, Ed Winter, said Butler had apparently died in bed.
Ed Winter said:

"At this time there's no signs of foul play,"

"It appears to be possibly natural, but pending autopsy and toxicology we can't say the cause."

He was a mere 33 years old. (R.I.P. angel)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trout Pout Paris!

Socialite/jail bird Paris Hilton, has something odd, happening to her once svelte lips.

Either ex BFF Britney Spears, Actually smacked her in the kisser the other night, or she has succumb to the modern ideal that is, the 'trout pout'.

It's certainly not natural, Something smells fishy.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mamacita Bonita!

Singer Marc Antony accompanied his heavily pregnant wife Jennifer Lopez to the Movie Rocks concert in L.A. on Sunday.

Marc holding her proudly, and Jennifer looking positively radiant, she is the epitome of style, and we love her even more when she isn't wearing fur.

You look great Jen.

Love Licence!

The uncle of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, is showing his love for the little tot!

Actor James Haven, Angelina Jolie's brother, was snapped by In-Touch with his new licence plate.

A loving tribute for his niece, Awwwwwwww! (I wonder if Oscar will do that for me?, Mad 1 Perhaps!)

Over Exposed!

Another picture from the December issue of Marie Claire, featuring Christina Aguilera.

Only, this picture has no resemblance to Christina whatsoever! (It's beautiful none the less)

I think it could be the outcome of an over zealous picture editor, with photo-shop mania, Ya think?.

Tune Factor!

Dannii Minogue, Singer/X factor judge, stormed off the show on Saturday in tears (again?)

Louis Walsh also an X Factor judge, had a blazing row, over finalist Niki Evans.

Dannii told Niki:

"I watched the tape from last week and you were completely out of tune."

Then live on air Louis retorted with,
"Dannii, singing out of tune? ha ha"
obviously having a dig at dannii's singing ability.

A source said:

"Louis keeps joking about Dannii’s singing talents and it’s really getting to her."
(Well when your sister is Kylie, it's alot to live up to)

After the interval dannii did not return to her seat on the panel.

The show has lost over 10 millions pounds, as public no longer have faith in the phone voting system, after it was leaked to the public, winners were already known before voting.

Kiss and Make-Up?

According to the Daily Mirror, Paris and Britney squared up to each other! (And like some old cock bird's, who didn't get their share of the grain, they were pissed).

Both women attended the opening of the Scandinavian Style Mansion, LA, the shindig hosted by actress Sharon Stone.

We are not quiet sure what enraged the girls, however it all seemed to kick off when Socialite Paris Hilton, strolled past Britney, (We didn't know Paris' perfume was that bad).

A source said:

"They were shouting at each other, it nearly ended in a punch-up!"
(Quick people throw in some jelly)

This is really getting to feel like Jerry Springer! (share your sweeties girls).

Spice of Life!

Spice girl fever has kicked off once more! Well over 1500 Canadian fans, turned up to see the return of the spice's.

The girls hadn't performed together in over nine years!

The girls wowed fan's with eight different costume changes, and performed 22 different tracks.

They kicked everything off, with 'Spice up your life'.

If your a die hard fan of the spice girls, this will be your Utopia.

The spice girls are entertaining, if of course you don't mind the terribly obvious ubiquitous miming.

Make the most of it, little Spice fan's, as all reports suggest, they will run for the hills with cash in hand once the tour is over.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Denial Smile?

According to the News of the World, Britney spears is pregnant! and her denials are in vain.

A source told the newspaper:

"She's very angry that it has come out like this. She's shocked because the pregnancy is the last thing she needs right now".

"She had a scan last month and only told close friends the result. Even her family were out of the loop."

The source continued:

"Brit misses her kids like hell and really wants a cute little girl, but this has happened very suddenly".

"She gets lonely and needs male attention, so she goes and does silly things. This is a perfect example."
(Yeah! and another silly thing is having a trusted friend like you).

Brit just celebrated her 26th birthday, could this truly be child number 3 at 26 years of age?.

Anger Management!

T.V personality Montel Williams, spat his dummy out well and truly, following an interview the Savannah morning news, apparently Montel didn't like the questions asked!. (Oops!, Diva fever?).

Upon returning to his hotel, with burly bodyguard in tow, he approached the reporter. (A 17 year old high school intern, Montel is so freaking brave).

Montel said:

"Do you know who I am? I'm a big star and I can look you up, find where you live and blow you up."
(I think he's been doing overtime with his science set, and sat-nav).

Oh! dear looks like he needs to be on his own show, seeking therapy!.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fashion Police???

Actress Courtney Cox Arquette, looked stunning in her black dress, on an evening out with her husband, fellow actor David Arquette.

Only that cannot be said for David, his outfit seemed more fitting for one of their many Scream movies, that or David is psyhcopath serial killer. (You can never tell with these actor types, you know).

Maybe he just stood to close to the paint pot?

Mum Of The Year!

Glamour model/talk show host/notorious pantie flasher, Jordan aka Katie Price, has just been announced as Mum of the year,by Mother and Baby Magazine.

She said:

"Thank you to all readers of Mother & Baby. It's a real honour as this award is voted for by other mothers."

Kate Deserves this award, no matter what we report in the press, the other side of Kate/Jordan is a very loving mother, when her first child Harvey, was born with septo-optic dysplasia, and blindness she delt with it all in her stride.

Kate is a very strong woman and she is a great mother.

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