Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cellular Phonies!

Ok! I know we all have to have a beloved mobile phone, I mean we couldn't live without it could we? We all love to take that call, from your best friend telling you that he/she loves you, or the call from your boss as your trying to sneak off to the sales and snag the Fendi bag that you had longed for, yes, even more than the huge chocolate cake that you walk past every morning as you go to work.

My question is this! as a consumer are mobile phone company's good to us?

I am of the opinion we are completely ripped off! Do we all know that we are, and just decide well, everybody else is so its ok?
Or is it just that we truly feel we cannot take on these giants of the cellular world? is it there sales staff that LIE to us?

YUP! on the occasions I know its the sales staff that are (liar, liar pants on fire) I mean totally genuine when it comes to getting you to sign your soul away! The usual suspects are Orange, Vodafone, and O2.

I wanted my daughter to have a contract phone so I knew no matter what she could call me, So my mother and I set off into Harrogate, we checked out the deals in all the stores and found that Orange was going to be the best contract for her. How wrong could we have been! After the girl finished dazzling us with all the many tricks of the phone, we then spoke about the contract, We needed something simple and something that rolled the minutes over, and of coarse the text, the girl assured us that this would happen, so we signed, ( I know what your thinking stupid woman). Well your right I was stupid, as the sales girl had completely lied, nothing rolls over and we are stuck with an 18 month contract with a phone company that are a faction of Beelzebub's minions, I have conversed with them time and time again, there response is, and I quote "you signed the contract so tough". (yes I know fabulous way to do business).

My friend recently needed an upgrade on her contract with O2 and yet again she was totally bent over and kicked in the pants repeatedly, she was LIED to, I'm thinking these people need more than horlicks to sleep at night,

If however you do come across these unscrupulous business ethics please don't just let them hit you around the face with a wet kipper, report them to Ofcom, and BBC Watchdog, these company's are set up to help the consumer. I would love to get my money back or even just have the actual contract I was told I was signing, or go to a reputable company, but do they even exist? I guess we may never know.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ring a ding ding!

My day is a rather happy one as today I received my first engagement ring from my incredibly talented fiance! Oh! and yes that's right my first one. lol

It seems Oscar was no longer able to think of me going through the hardship of being without a ring (ha ha), until of course I pick up the rather fabulous one we have chosen (although this ring is stunning). However he decided to bejewel me with a stand in that I also get to keep (I'm feeling rather pleased right now and cannot stop looking at my finger).

Unfortunately for his daughter the Prada bag that she needed for the wedding this weekend turned out to be a Prada make-up case, alas he is after all a man lol, and she loves it all the same, her words were, "well it's still Prada!".

So we just wanted to say thank you and that we love you very very much.

Te amo mucho y te extra o en cada moment que pasa sin ti. Fuiste puesta en mi mundo para que mi vida tenga sentido y esperanza. con amor

Maddi and pook xoxox

Trying to make scents of it!

Don't you just hate it when the employees at perfume counters give you a card to test a perfume on? Don't they realise that a scent smells completely different on the body! I know in the past I have purchased high end fragrances, and they have ended up smelling like cat pee, or even worse the satanic teacher from your past.

I like to actually have a little tester that I can take home with me to try, I don't know perhaps it's the fact that it's tiny and can fit in the most minuscule of couture purses, or perhaps it's the fact that it's free!. I guess most of all it's because you get to test it over four days and you can see how people react to you. I mean you know it can't be working for you when the postman keels over, or your favorite budgie "Mr Jingles" dies!!!.

So with all of this taken into account why are some perfume counters better at handing out the FREE samples??

Just recently I have come across this more and more, is it because the girls on the counters are saving our FREE SAMPLES to sell on eBay? or am I just being too cynical? The producers of these fine fragrances make the samples to pass on and to promote their product, not for them to be sold on or taken home by the staff at the perfume counters.

While I was purchasing make-up from the Clinique counter my daughter went to the perfume counter in Boots, clifton moor and asked the three (obviously not interested in their jobs at all) jabbering girls if she may have some samples, only to be told by one that she can and the other two laughed and said NO! My daughter became rather upset at this, we then spoke with the Estee Lauder assistant (a rather delightful lady I believe her name was Jessica) and she then gave my daughter an Estee Lauder sample she desired.

As we left the store my daughter was in tears as the shop assistants on the fragrance counter had made her feel rather intimidated. I called Boots and conversed with the manager of the perfume counter (Kim Summers) who assured me that this was certainly NOT the kind of treatment her staff should be giving their customers and remarked that the girls are very protective over the samples! and then went on to take down my address to send a few little samples to my daughter, however it has been over two weeks now, and still nothing has managed to manifest, perhaps she is as protective as her staff over the perfume!(however Ms Summers was extremely polite).

One thing is for sure I most certainly will not be purchasing fragrance from Boots at clifton moor york.

If however ladies you do require polite assistance when asking for a FREE sample or two try Debenhams, or Fenwicks york, the staff in these two stores are quiet simply the best, whether you are buying make-up or fragrance, however perhaps this is why I always spend just a tad more than I had anticipated.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Larger than life!

I have wondered for sometime now why, oh why, clothes stores do not invest in some new mirrors!

While out shopping last saturday for my ten year old daughter a formal gown, she was even hit with the (what can only be explained as the OMG! syndrome!). She turned and looked at me and said "I look huge mummy". However my daughter at 5ft 1 inch and size 6 is most definatley not huge. I tried to reassure her that even Kate moss would look big in the mirrors that were displayed before us, encasing us in a mirrored prison of HELL!

It left me pondering, why would a company who's sole purpose is to sell items to wear would place in it's dressing rooms mirrors from the local carnival?, and not only that but to actually place you in a mirrored box with no place to run. The mirrors literally make you look 3 dress sizes bigger than you truly are, (the words moby dick spring to mind), and don't get me started about the mysterious cellulite that shows up on my derrière ( and just as I had convinced myself that I had none).

To add insult to injury they add about a million watt light bulbs to show up every wrinkle that we hadn't even seen yet, you either run the risk of looking like mortisha or and over eager orange as your fake tan is then taken to a whole new level.

I'm sure that as this industry is world billions every year they could afford to buy mirrors that were a little less critical, and wouldn't leave most women running for the hills. But I guess until that time, I think I shall just try my clothes on at home.

Mascara drama!

After trying out many types and brands of mascara, I was still unable to find a mascara that actually did pump my lashes in such a way that I looked like I had extensions!But then I was introduced to the holy grail of mascara,Dior Diorshow Mascara. And ladies and of course gentlemen, this mascara most certainly works. I was left with the coverted look of total goddess.

It applies well, there were no clumps, the brush was truely amazing (chunky with alot of bristles) and it had an almost strawberry like smell to the product. What more could you ask for?.Well, there was one small downside to this product for me!let me explain...

I had just finished applying my diorshow Mascara, and was thinking to myself, what more can mortal man deserve, (it was a good day, you know the one your hair looks amazing, you look a dress size smaller, and perhaps five years younger) anyway, I needed to collect my copy of vogue, so I threw on my coat, and boots and headed out.

It had just started to snow lightly, when I entered my first shop, I collected my glossy and trotted on to another store, all the while the snow was becoming that little heavier, smiling at people as they went on by, still feeling a million dollars, I was out for about an hour in the busy streets,till it was time I had to go and meet a friend, when upon my arrival, she answered the door and said "what the hell happened to you?" I looked bemused not knowing what she could mean, As far as I was concerned I was a true vision this morning. Then she told me to go and look in the mirror, much to my horror I saw what can only be described as a panda on acid! and it looked like the panda had a good time too.The mascara was eveywhere, no wonder people had been looking at me, perhaps they were trying to deduce if it was a new make-up tecnique.

I have not lost my faith in this truely wonderful mascara though, I just make sure that no matter where I am and no matter what I wear, I always, always carry my compact!There is however now a waterproof version of this fabulous mascara, but I don't feel it gives the same volume as the non waterproof, try it and you decide.

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