Friday, June 22, 2007

I didn't loose my mind I sold it on eBay!

O.k. my darlings I'm confused with this whole eBay thing!. why is it that people are willing to buy almost anything?.

While perusing around eBay the other day I came upon some mouldy old slippers, and when I say old, I mean they looked like a tramp wouldn't even don this crap on his feet. And yet it seems there is always someone willing too purchase this garbage.

Another thing I have noticed is that people either don't seem to realise that they are purchasing FAKE items, or they don't mind paying over the odds for something that you can find on the local market for 5 pounds. In fact don't get me started on their fake items, All Tiffany goods are about 99.9% fake, 95% of designer hand bags are fake the list is actually endless.

It's actually more like Channel instead of Chanel. And women are pretty mental when they are bidding on make-up also, they are not sure if it's fake or not, and even still they are bidding higher than what you would pay in a store for the real thing. Ladies note that make-up has a shelf life you have no idea how long the sellers have had this stuff or whats in it for that matter.

Don't be so naive too think when someone tells you it's authentic, it has too be true, as it most certainly does not, eBay don't care if the product is fake as they are winning no matter what, they get the green either way you look at it. As a seller you pay listing fees, then you pay fee's on top of that when you sell. So as a buyer if you not happy more often than not you get screwed,with a capital S.

Oh,and if you go to ask for help on the community boards you are faced with a barrage of sarcasm, you would think with the money eBay make they would like to promote good business and govern these boards properly with someone, lets say that can answer a question directly without the "I have a whole pineapple up my ass and and I like it, so I'm going to be an asshole to you".
But let's be honest eBay don't give a Shit, they are dominating the whole auction market, and until someone else steps up and gives them a run for their money they will not change the way they do business.

Finnished with the fur trade!

I was absolutely overjoyed today, to read about the one the only Miss Pammy Anderson and her recent trip to Finland!, where Pammy is once again trying to educate people about the cruel and barbaric "MURDER TRADE", Oh! I'm sorry I mean fur trade.

After arriving Thursday to host a music festival west of Helsinki, Anderson told Finnish President Tarja Halonen in a letter that her nation should emulate other countries that have banned fur farms.

"It's time for Finland to move into the 21st century and follow suit," said Anderson, whose great-grandfather was Finnish.

Finland's fur auctioneers said the appeal was unrealistic. "It's not surprising coming from her, a known anti-fur campaigner," said Paivi Mononen-Mikkila, a spokeswoman for the Finnish Fur Sales auction house. "It's really not realistic as so many people earn their livelihood from the fur trade.

Yes well I'm sure many a serial killer would think that they were not doing any harm as they splice into another victim whilst throwing there head back in a demonic fashion and don them self in their putrid flayed off skin.

And as for the livelihood of the people in question, why not open a factory that makes and supplies faux fur? then you can employ just as many people if not more, and perhaps not have the need for a therapist when you return home.

As Tony Blair would say "education education education".

Don't wear fur people it's finnished.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Einstein da Hilton!

Hmmmmmmmmm I'm getting more and more suspicious of Paris Hilton!. Upon perusing over her letter from prison it looks awfully how a 6 year old would write! (perplexed) I'm getting the feeling that perhaps we are all wrong about Paris Hilton and that she is after all some form of child genius.

Maybe just maybe Paris is a 6 year old with some genetic disease,and that's why she can't drive a car, that's why she can't hold her liquor, Oh! and that is so obviously why she seems, (oopps sorry IS) DUMB!, and perhaps that's why it's difficult for her to tell the truth?, however I do realise that a 6 year old child's idea of the truth is open to interpretation. I wonder if that would have stood up in court?.

Yes, I know Paris bashing again (but it's so easy) no, not really everyone should have a friend like Paris, she would make me look like Einstein.

It seems even from the big house Paris has had an effect on her long suffering neighbours, and they are not as excited as one would expect about her return. I am sure though they are all as intrigued as we are about her becoming religious, has anyone explained to her yet that the higher power, does not equate to being a Hilton?.

Vista View's ?

It seems soft wear giant Microsoft has just had it's bottom spanked over their rather sneaky windows Vista operating system!. It seems if you are wanting to use any other search engine you computer is on a go sloooooooooooooooow!.But the on the ball little chappies over at Google, didn't succumb to their sneaky device, Google filed a 49-page document with the Justice Department in April claiming Vista’s desktop search tool slowed down competing programs, including the well known Google.

However, Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, said in an interview last week that the company was willing to make changes if necessary. Google’s claims were intended to show that the world’s largest software maker is not complying with a settlement reached in 2002 after the government concluded Microsoft used its near-ubiquitous Windows operating system to throttle competition. As part of the settlement, Microsoft is bound by a consent decree that requires it to help rivals build software that runs smoothly on Windows.

Tut, Tut, naughty naughty play nicely. I'm sure there is enough room for you both in the world, I mean can't we all just get along? C'mon share your sweetie's children.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

FUR KILLS!!!!!!!

After watching the news this morning I was left in a flood of tears, after watching rather graphic and disturbing images of the Fur trade!. It seems even though we all know about the cruelty and barbaric suffering these poor defenceless animals are put through, still some of us ( only the complete assholes ) choose to wear fur.

There was a beautiful dog he was tied up by his neck to a wall, he was even wagging his tail, only then to have a man come behind him raise his leg and cut open his tummy. You could see in that doggies eyes that he knew someone was going to hurt him, you could just sense his fear, and that's why he wagged he wanted that man to be loving to him, to save him!.

They make coats from dogs, and little puppies, also cats and kittens, they are kept in squalid conditions were they are TERRIFIED!. In China they also STILL take majestic bears and shove them in a small cage, where they can not move and stick a sharp metal rod into there tummy, and leave it there constantly so the bile will run out down the tube and they can then sell this as a beauty tonic and a tonic to make a person stronger, ( I know what your thinking these people are idiots) By the way this is total and utter bollocks, they only thing that comes out of this practice is the torture of a innocent animal. This practice is supposed to be outlawed by the Chinese goverment but there is far to much evidence to show that the Goverment in China turns a blind eye to it as long as they get there cut in profits. (GREED ONCE MORE TAKES OVER A KIND MANS HEART).
Stars like Beyonce and Jennifer lopez, need to get a grip and stop wrapping themselves up in dead animal, it doesn't look beautiful it looks UGLY! the only place that fur should be is on the animal it belongs too. I would like to think that they wouldn't wear their grandma's on their back! but then again maybe they would. Please click on the beyonce & Jennifer Lopez links to see there video's where by Beyonce tells PETA they make her feel uncomfortable as they explain to her how the animals are killed!. She should be ashamed of herself, I mean heavens forbid that we make Miss Beyonce feel uncomfortable, that's nothing to what the poor defenceless animals feel.

After you have read this blog, please spare a thought for these terrified little animals, after all an animal is just like a child, trusting, unjaded, and extremely loving. Wild animals only kill to eat they don't do it in the name of fashion. Please I implore you don't help the fur trade buy Faux fur, it's just as beautiful and you can help save many lives.

Martha Stewart Renounces Fur, Hosts PETA Video Exposé
"I used to wear real fur," says Martha Stewart in her new video on, "but, like many others, I had a change of heart when I learned what actually happens to the animals."


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Court with your pants down!

Just when you were thinking the down right ludicrous couldn't happen anymore! (well o.k you knew it always would but it was something for me to say). Anyway then comes into the limelight Judge Roy Pearson.

It seems the right honourable judge sent his trouser suit off to the local dry cleaners, only to discover that upon his return they couldn't find the pants to his much loved suit! (holy toledo batman). It would be at this point most of us would pass out and not be able to cope with life anymore.

However Roy decided that these philistines should be taken DOWN!!! lol, for the "mental suffering, inconvenience and discomfort." (I'm wondering just how tight were these pants?).

He's suing Jin and Soo Chung and their son. He also wants $500,000 in emotional damages and $542, 500 in legal fees, even though he is representing himself in court. He wants $15,000 for 10 years' worth of weekend car rentals. He said in court papers he needed the car to get his dry cleaning to a store outside his neighborhood. He is also seeking other fees.

This is a personal question to Roy! "Roy are all the walls in your house padded?".

This should never have gone to court and the fee's that the Chung's have had to now face in legal costs should be paid for by the completely off his trolley Judge Roy Pearson.

The next time this judge has a brain fart, people should just pass him another pill and read him a bedtime story.

Although! (Epiphany) "hold on people I'm thinking" a button fell off my new coat perhaps I should sue!. I dont know $100 mill seem about right too you?.

Al have a chip!

Well we all knew the race card was gonna be thrown in by the Rev. Al Sharpton!, over the whole Paris debacle. However all this does it make this man lose any credibility he may have, (which in my opinion he has the credibility of a smurf). Oh and just so you know this man is one of the biggest racist's going, in my opinion. And people need to get a bloody back bone and stand up to the Muppet.

This is NOT a race matter it's an A list matter!. How about Michelle rodriguez?? she certainly isn't white and she had special treatment in fact she was let out of prison after only Two hours!, yes that's right ladies and gents two hours.

What about halle berry she hit and run??? and then says she couldn't remember what happened,(one word) BOLLOCKS!.

The list is actually endless for other examples of the rich or famous getting away with murder, quiet literally Mr O.J Simpson trial, yup I'm guessing if he was white the Rev would have been all over the news about that too.

People need to realise it isn't about race its about MONEY!. And for people like Al sharpton its about a massive big chip on his shoulder, "Hey Al you want some salt on that, numb nuts?". lol

Cry me a river!

And now not only has poor Paris been sent back to the slammer!!! but to add insult to injury she has been dropped by the Endeavor talent agency . I am however at a loss as to why she had a talent agency in the first place, I don't see any talent, unless that's working out what panties not to wear or crying out "that's hot!" no matter what the situation.

However even in the joint Paris has managed to enrage folk once more, her parents it seems know all the bouncers (prison guards) and are able to make it past the velvet rope so to speak without waiting in line, Oh! and did I mention they didn't have a quarter for the locker and had to borrow one from an officer, but then I guess when your worth millions waiting in lines doesn't apply, Even Tinkerbell's poop comes up smelling of roses.

Even I would do 45 days, if I knew upon my release date I would have Paris' mansion and green. I guess I shall just sit back and watch my bank balance diminish, and wait for my darling Oscar to make me a rich wife lol.

And one last thing it seems Paris has found the big guy a.k.a GOD!! hmmmmmmm I'm wondering if this will last when she gets out?.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Big Bother!

I'm sure everyone in the English land has learned of the new Big Brother 8 race row! Well.....A row it most certainly was not!. I watched the footage from the show and I think it's ludicrous that so much once more has been made out of it, it being, the "N" word. Yes ladies you heard me the "N" word.

The sentence that was used on this occasion was "your pushing it out my N"!. Now I am hardly an Emily fan, but anyone could see that she meant no malice, she was thinking she was being urban. Also this word has been used earlier by Charlie, however Charlie isn't white!.

Charlie went on to say it was no big deal, but then went on, and on, and on and on about it. You could see the cogs in her brain working thinking about the tabloids, and how her pictures would be all over them, she was loving it.

Let me stress I DO NOT AGREE WITH RACISM! however I also do not agree with double standards. We hear the word in rap music and all over the media world. But it needs to be made clear either this rather controversial word is horrific or it's just the everyday lingo of a new generation.

The incident with Shilpa Shetty was most definitely racism, and the people involved should be ashamed, but this remark from Emily however was in no shape or form meant to offend. The problem people face is the fact this should be a no grey area issue. Either it's a street word or it's banished into obscurity as this is the kind of issue that breeds hate.

L.A Law

And so it would seem little Miss Hilton is above the long arm of the law after all! it's a complete travesty of justice. And just when I was starting to have faith in the law (well kinda, OK not really).

Anyway Paris has been released on the grounds of having a RASH! I'm sure many other prisoners contract the odd rash or plague whilst in the big house. However I'm quite positive this must have been a life threatening rash, possibly even a nappy rash.

A freindly psychologist popped in to see Paris with milk, cookies and a file. While having tea and strumpets he came up with the conclusion that she was at breaking point!. It's funny but I was never under the impression spending time at Uncle Bernie's Big House was easy. Paris ran faster than a New York rat when it came to getting outta there, and back to the comfort of her L.A Mansion.

But don't worry people they are not letting her off scott free! HELL NOOOOOOOOO! She is going to have to wear a tag, I know what your thinking the sheer hell and anguish that woman must be going through, having to wear an ankle bracelet that goes with absolutely nothing.

Tabloid press speculate that it's a race matter, I say it's no such thing, it's an A list matter. Whatever colour you are if your A list the rules don't apply. trust me, I'm white, and if I had the conviction she was just handed, I would be still there with my spoon digging away with only a friendly cockroach to guide me in what direction I need to dig!.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Rehab cheque in!

With this culture of! "I got caught drink/drug driving take me to rehab"!. wouldn't a celebs money be far better spent investing it in a rehab center for people who cannot afford to pay $40.000.00 a week to get clean?.

Most of the celebs that go in don't actually need the center, its just an excuse so they can get off the hook with the long arm of the law. Unless of course your Robert Downey Jnr, (now this guy really knows how to party!). lol

I'm English and trust me, what these celebs drink in a year most party going Brits drink in a night. And OK, we may wake the next morning thinking "damn, I need a new head" pass me the Vodka. But we don't all go and check ourselves into rehab. But then again we don't all drink and drive.

If these celebs could visibly watch someone dying before their eyes of alcohol abuse or drug abuse then maybe just maybe the big spenders a.k.a. celebs, would dig deep into their pockets and donate to a charity rehab center. I have seen this happen first hand. To watch someone so helpless, who cannot even get a place in a rehab center, well words cannot even describe it. And I'm sad to say she died!.

Celebs needs to take stock of who they are, and when they mess up, step up to the plate and take the consequence's. And the next time they get a little pished, don't check into rehab, WRITE A CHEQUE to a rehab center, to be used for people that truly need it.

Fountain of truth?

Its a constant flow these days of A Lister's insisting that they have had no work done. Do they not realise that when its as obvious as the nose on your face (excuse the pun) we all know that they had a little visit to their friendly plastic surgeon?.

Ashley Simpson for one, this girl has me practically rolling around on the floor every time she denies that her once rather parrot like conk, is now a more refined cute little button nose. Her whole facial look has changed and that has nothing to do with a good trainer, or diet.

Jennifer lopez, her nose has become thinner, is this another special diet that you can aim at one area?

Or how about Madonna, she says its just that she trains and eats well, what a load of bollocks, as a society we have a tendency to still not eat as well as our forefathers however we manage to look better? go figure. And why is it just the A Lister's that don't seem to age? Were they all born to some kind of cult where you can make you nose grow or retract not unlike Pinocchio, of do they have access to some magic fountain off youth?

If there truly is a fountain of youth then there is no need for a plastic surgeon. Yet plastic surgeons are still making bundles of green? I'm sure they don't make their money just by removing the odd corn.

Perhaps I'm just being cynical once more, and maybe there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Room with no Choo!

Ah, alas, it seems little Miss Hilton has finally decided to throw down her Choo's and don a non designer Orange overall (well it is summer) and enter the Slammer!!!!.

It was inevitable that she was going to have to go, but you have to give her an A+ for effort when it comes to pulling in favours to try and help her stay on the sunny side of town. If the papers were correct, she even tried Mr Terminator himself a.k.a Arnold Swarchenegger, who also happens to be the Governor of California, but seems he was having none of it. Then there was the online petition, free Paris! the list is endless.

I am however of the opinion that her mother Kathy Hilton most certainly didn't help matters with her outbursts. She is the epitome of the usual bolshy (I have to much money than I know what to do with, please feel sorry for me).

Paris broke the law, and now she has to pay the price. She didn't just break the law once, nor twice, but three times! entering the defence of, "its not my fault, I don't even open my own mail". I mean I guess she perhaps was that stoned or shitfaced that she didn't remember being pulled over three times either.

It looks like one of her BFF (best friends forever) is going the same way too, I don't think it will be to long before Lindsey Lohan enters the big house, perhaps they can start a new line in fashion wear branding the name "Chain Gang" or jewellery line called "Jail House Rocks!" lol

Maybe Paris is thinking she should have purchased a bigger pooch too, I'm not sure Tinkerbell will be that helpful in this case, she could become lunch!

Here's a little lyric to help Paris while away the hours, perhaps she should have read the bathroom walls before.

In prison you get coffee, in prison you get tea, in prison you get everything except the f**king key.

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