Friday, February 29, 2008

Drinking Makes your Face Look Like an Arse!

That's right kiddies don't drink, or you'll look like this!!!

(Kelly Osbourne looking her usual stunning self, after leaving London Hot spot Punk!)


Ellen Degeneres gave a very moving speech, about a little boy that has been mindlessly killed by another young child.

Our hearts go out to the parents of this obviously loving little boy.

O-Sam-A Tiny Problem!

OK! well the update on Brit Brit goes as follows......
Her camp are saying that she isn't carrying the British Photog Adnan Ghalib' baby (we still don't know what to believe) however the news is still on the up for Britters, as she saw her children again on Thursday (so pleased for her and the tots)

This however is something we're rather pleased about also, "Oh what a small penis I see before me, Mr shift himself" aka Sam Lufti is now under investigation.

The LAPD are looking into drugging allegations made by Lynn Spears Brit Brit's mommy.

Let's hope the slippery eel with his minuscule member cant wriggle out of this one. (Oh, just for the record we haven't actually seen his phallus we just assume, and we can do that as we wear special pants)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will it all end in Tears for Spears!

Oh say it isn't so......

Reports suggest that Britney Spears is Pregnant!!!!!! with British photog Adnan Ghalibs baby.

We truely hope this is all just a big fat juicy lie, however......

A source told the star (Adnans friend apparently)

"Britney is Adnan’s dream come true. He knows that if he has a child with Brit, he’ll be made for life,"
This is the last thing Brit Brit needs, Let's just hope it's some spin that Mr Shift, aka Sam Lufti has made up (we will keep you posted)

Point Break?

Ah! yes we all know and love the eccentric that is Gary Busey, you know the once A-List actor that starred in movies like, Point Break and Silver Bullet....

At this Oscars this month he came upon Jennifer Garner being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, and decided to intervene, we're terribly glad he did.

He was like some stealth panther watching his pray and then........ just like that,he attacked!!!

Now if Busey had been hosting the Oscars there would have been no slump in the ratings.

We love you Busey you old mental patient.

Oh and we added this too, just for kicks, here you see the ever sane Gary Busey being interviewed by a little 11 year old called Grace, only Busey can't seem to hear her.

He reminds me of a cantankerous old grandfather, you know the go to see them every year and all they do is verbally abuse you, however you let it slide as your always being reminded that "it's his age, he's old" Bless!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bass Hunter, Now Your Gone!

I had to post this my darlings, it's still holding in the charts and held the top spot for 6 weeks.

Now your gone, by superstar D.J Bass Hunter just gets my bootee shaking every time, much to my bank mangers dismay, (true story, but a long one)

Ah! we just love this tune.

Double Joy, A Girl And A Boy!

Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins early Friday morning, we're so happy for Marc Anthony and Jennifer.

The little girl was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz., and the little boy was born at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6 lbs.... cuteness!!

Jen's manager said

"Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon,"

Congratulations peeps!

No Tears for Spears!

I am pleased to report that Britney, will very soon be seeing her children!

It seems K-fed isn't the bad man we were thinking, and has allowed.... or soon will be allowing Britney access to the children.

K-fed was not instructed to by the courts. Since Brits dad Jamie has been on board things are looking up for the pop princess (and of course now that Sam "Oh be amazed and stand back in wonder at just how shifty I am" Lufti, has been slapped with a restraining order)

We are really happy happy for you Brit Brit (and K-Fed we made you a ginger bread man........ cos we're nice like that)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gazza under mental health act!

Once world cup elite footballer Paul Gascoigne (now retired) held the British public in the palm of his hand, when he played in the 1990 world cup semi-finals and was booked,leaving him out of the game. (The ref from that match is still in my basement, and will remain there till I see fit, besides which he's a devil at chess)

Paul broke down in tears as indeed most of England did, as without Paul we were screwed, and the world knew it!

Paul was detained yesterday under the mental health act, after a disturbance at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead. (were not sure he should have been detained, however I'm no doctor) What we do know is this, any genius, and he is a football genius make no mistake, tend to suffer in other areas of their life. We love you Paul and if you are ill and need help, we truly hope you get it.

Other than that we love you son.

The telegraph reports on paul click here

List of Winners Brits 2008!

Outstanding Contribution To Music Sir Paul McCartney

British Album Arctic Monkeys Favourite Worst Nightmare

British Single Take That Shine

British Group Arctic Monkeys

International Album
Foo Fighters

British Female Solo Artist Kate Nash

International Group Foo Fighters

International Female Solo Artist Kylie

British Male Solo Artist Mark Ronson

International Male Solo Artist Kayne West

British Breakthrough Act Mika

Critics Choice ADELE

British Live Act Take That

Macca Rocks Brits!

Sir Paul McCartney rocked the Brits last night, he was awsome infact.
With his divorce case hot on his heels, (and still no end to a settlement) it certainly did not effect the true talent that is Macca.

We love you man!

Oh, and it seems Heather Mills is thinking of moving to America, where by Heather says, she is looking for a new love interest that is not, a gold digger (that statement made us pee a little)

Love is a losing game!

One of the shinning stars of last nights Brit Awards was the extremely talented Amy Winehouse, it seems she was the performance of the night that everyone was compelled to watch.

She wasn't rat arsed and she sounded great (not sure what she was doing with her dress, maybe had an itch), we would however like her to eat something. we are sending her over a big mac and fries.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Visitation frustration!

It seems fallen pop princess Britney Spears can still not gain any ground when it comes to visitation rights to see her small children.

Her children Jayden James 1, and Sean Preston 2, have not seen their mother since January 3rd, along time in a small childs life.

Spears has twice been taken to a psychiatric unit, but then who wouldnt need one after you had dealings with Sam "I am Shifty" Lufti.

Outside court Kaplan, K-Fed's Attorney told reporters that Federline would like the singer to see her children.

"Both sides want to see the day that visitation can resume. It's a question of
working out the details of how that can happen," said Kaplan. "Mr. Federline
looks forward to his children having their mom in their life."
Well lets hope Brit Brit can pull together with the help of her father and family, and maybe we could rid ourselves of Mr Shifty by throwing him in the stocks and pelting arse face with rotten veg, while shooting him in the rectum with a spud gun, what ya think?

A picture paints a thousand words!

Newly discovered pictures of the silver screen starlet, the exquisitely beautiful Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jeane Baker.

Recently new pictures were discovered of Marilyn Monroe, the pictures were taken at Catalina Island, California (around 1943)

There can never be enough pictures of Marilyn, she had the complection of a doll, the body of a goddess, a million dollar smile and the heart of an angel, (Plus some rather cute looking penguins as friends, always a good thing in my book)

We miss you Marilyn.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pure Paris!

Paris hilton celebrated her 27th birthday on stage, with non other than the Pussy Cat Dolls at Pure Night Club in Vegas.
The SHY heiresse looked more like a 50 dollar dominatrix, however whatever floats your boat Paris.

Black Top Hop!

While shopping at Fred Segal on Melrose Avenue, poor Britney was accused by staff of stealing a black top (the one above) she didnt get arrested.

Apparently the top cost $200 dollars, I have to say, were sure you could get the same top for a tenner on a market, fashion designer shame on you.

We are sure she isnt a kleptomaniac, but more just a young woman trying to get her self together with a whole lot of crazy going on around her.

Get well soon Brit Brit.

Cheese Ball Maul

Ah! this episode of Big Brother makes me feel like a real grown-up.

There is a total cheese ball sat in the hot tub, spinning as fast as a politicians aide, and some poor girl that never knows when to keep her mouth shut, trying to get away from a pack of flesh hungry wolves.

Looks like these sharks can smell blood and bambi is lunch!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Letto Ghetto Pussy!

Looks like Jared Letto is back to his old tricks, he smashed a partygoer in the face AGAIN!!! at a concert.

Watch and be amazed at what a total fanny he really is. (He needs a good kick in the arse if you ask me, but then......... I'm that kinda girl)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The World Weeps For Heath!

The world mourned for a great actor, father and friend today, when they said goodbye to Heath Ledger.

Heaths loving family along with his Ex Partner, Actress Michelle Williams (who was not accompanied by their beautiful little 2 year old daughter Matilda) elite celebrities among hundreds of other mourners, said their final goodbyes in a moving ceremony.

Ledger's father Kim said the service would be followed by a private funeral in Perth. He appealed for privacy and did not disclose the time or location.

Kim Ledger told reporters

"The funeral will be very, very private and there will only be 10 people
there, immediate family and nobody else,"

"It's a pretty sad time. We're finding it difficult to cope by ourselves,
let alone cope with everybody around the world,"

"Having said that, we do really appreciate the outpouring and the
emotional support from all over the globe,"

It was proved that heath died from an accidental overdose, it's just another case of a beautiful life being over far too soon.

Go get your wings Heath

Brit Don't Quit!

Well I'm sure your all very aware of the chaos that has surrounded fallen pop singer Britney Spears!

Well..........things are looking up for the pop princess, poppa spears aka Jamie spears, has now fired Howard Grossman, Brit Brit's business manager( if you want to call him that) apparently because of his over freindly relationship with Osama Lutfi, aka Sam (who we like to call arse face)

It seems arse face, were sorry Osama " Douce Bag Lufti" had total control over the pop princess, and has done for quiet some time, it seems not only was he taking her cash, but he was drugging her playing with her already fragile mind, and hiding her little pooch London.

Well obviously this story is far from over, only we prey that this tale will have a happy ending for Brit Brit!! and arse face ends up in the firey depths of hell with satans foot in his cat pipe.

Were rooting for you Brit, stay strong girl!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Giggle Spice, Oh So Nice!

Here we see the true Victoria Beckham, laughing her arse off with a fan!

I guess life without the blood sucking Spice Girls can only make you smile....

Mental as anything and we love you Vicki.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mean Girls!

Well, not entirly sure what to say about this footage of the money hungry Spice Girls. It comes off as fake as there live singing, (and has anyone noticed that Mel B aka Scary Spice's voice has become even more like a dudes?)

It seems the Spice "We only came back to over-charge our fans" Girls are running for the hills with their sticky hands full of green. As sad as it may seem for a loyal fan, the world once again is a far better place.

Wyclef Porn?

Ex Fugee talented artist Wyclef Jean, shows his softer side while sending this valentines message to his fans, only it's not just his softer side we get to see...

Here Wyclef talks about watching porn and beating his sausage! much to the amusement of the lady in the background.

It's great to see he's still grounded with a fabulous sense of humour (well we think it was humour, it could perhaps be the truth the whole truth and nothing but, We guess it is his sausage)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Technorati Post

Technorati Profile

Beaver Pit?

Sex on legs actor Brad Pitt, seems to be having a bad hair day!

Brad showed up to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Saturday, looking like a beaver has hitched a lift on his barnet (Hair)

All eyes should have been on his totally stunning wife Actress Angelina Jolie-Pitt, as she was attending to receive an Outstanding Performance of the Year Award for her role in A Mighty Heart..

However we guess it's a nice gesture to make sure the beaver got a mention (We hope it was for a bet, or perhaps you just need some thinning scissors, who knows)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Strip Trip!

Ex Playboy model Pamela Anderson is to go stark naked in four live strip shows it was revealed.

Hosted at the famous Crazy Horse nightclub fans are said, will swarm to see the 40 year old star's performance.

A club spokeswoman said: "It's going to be sexy, beautiful, creative."

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