Monday, March 17, 2008

Mucca Tuckered Out!

Ah! the battle rages on for the ever so demure Lady Mucca, aka Heather Mills.

After this mornings battle in the courts, Heather was still spitting feathers even after winning nearly 25 millions pounds,(not to mention the child maintenance school and nanny fees)We guess when you were after 125 million pounds, its a smack in the chops with a windy kipper.

Heather is now going to appeal and re-entering the wild arena of the law courts, although she states this appeal is to keep court documents private.

Heather stated that it costs 17 thousand pounds for her and daughter Beatrice to travel first class, and that perhaps Beatrice will have to travel B class now (17 grand!?!? how about you both travel B class Heather, and give the money to charity? nah! didn't think so)

Heather will be sending in an assistant to raise the appeal with the courts tomorrow morning, we can't wait!

I wonder if Sir Pauls at home sipping on a cold tall glass of the old Rats milk, ya think?


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